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let’s end mental health discrimination

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Group News 2014

Group News

ATOS Demo 19 February

A demonstration was held on the morning of 19 February outside the offices of ATOS on Belvoir St, Leicester.

Around 80 people attended and there were a number speakers, including our own Jan, speaking out against the activities of ATOS. A video of Jan, along with a couple of others, will appear on the website in the near future.

There's also an album devoted to it on our Photos page.

LTTC Monthly Meeting 17 February 2014

7 members came along to February's meeting at the Exchange Bar. We discussed the 6 Feb 'Time to Talk' event at BBC Radio Leicester, listened to the radio interviews and considered how things could be improved for our next appearance.

The Webmeister gave a review of progress with the website.

The Group's constitution was signed off and given to the treasurer for her to toddle off to a bank and sort out a bank account. After that we chatted and ate cake. Yummy.

Red Leicester Choir supports LTTC 8 February 2014

The Red Leicester Choir kindly spent an hour, between 11 am and noon, busking in aid of LTTC. They braved the cold in Market Street and raised £85 for us. Excellent stuff - many, many thanks to you guys!

While they were singing, Jan, her daughter, Ellie and our Staff Photographer, Julie handed out flyers and Julie took some pictures, one of which is shown above. The rest of Julie's photographs are in the '6 & 8 Feb 2014' album in the first gallery on the Photos page.

LTTC at BBC Radio Leicester 6 February 2014

Jan Wild-Grant writes:

Leicester Time To Change members turned out in force to talk to people who ‘dropped into’ our event at BBC Radio Leicester  from 10 – 5 on Thursday 6th February 2014.  We had some really quality conversations, and very positive feedback.

To be fair, not as many people ‘dropped in’ as we might have liked, but I spoke to one elderly lady who had come on behalf of her daughter, with one of Jane and Will’s flyers folded in her bag – I suspect from Wellington Street.  And someone came from Pete’s Spanish class! So we need to think about advertising in future.  But we managed to attract people passing through the BBC, and grab some folk off the street who were very interested, while 2 members braved the weather to head off to the clock tower where the bye-laws allow leafleting to spread the word.

Perhaps our greatest outreach was through the interviews on BBC Radio Leicester which involved 5 of us in total at different times in the day, and will have reached many more people at home, in shops or in factories.  Rupal, the lunchtime presenter, said she had had 2 callers after this wanting a repeat of the contact details.

So well done to everyone.  As an insomniac, I haven’t slept so well in years, so obviously we need to start planning our next event.  Many thanks to all who came, and if you are reading this because you came and had a conversation and picked up some of our information, why not send us an email, or leave a message on our chat page, and we hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. Go to our Audio page to hear BBC Radio Leicester interviews carried out on the day. Also see Julie's photographs in a new album in the first gallery of our Photos page.

Site Statistics 22 Jan 2014

Webmeister here! Since the website started we've had a 'visit' counter on the website, hosted by a 3rd party provider. At the present time this shows 728 visits in total. I've also got the site tracked by Google Analytics, which gives results I just don't understand! This morning I realised that our web hosting company also provides site statistics and that shows 2593 visits to date and we're getting, on average, 20 visits a day (not all from me - promise!). I'm more inclined to believe that. A summary of these statistics is shown on the home page under the menu. The statistics also show where, geographically, the visitors are. We've had them from at least 14 overseas countries ranging from the US to Japan. We seem getting the most visits from the US and Denmark.

These statistics can be very misleading. I did a check on a similar website (which will remain nameless) which displays a hit counter. It currently shows nearly 40000 hits. Wow, I thought. However, every time you click on any page, or refresh a page, the counter increments by 2! I think we're being as honest as we can.

Monthly Meeting 20 Jan 2014.

Our meeting at the Exchange Bar was well attended - 13 people there including 6 or 7 newcomers.The main purpose of the meeting was to carry out a bit of 'Champions' training ahead of the Time to Change mental health stigma awareness day on 6 February. We'll be holding a stall in the foyer of BBC Radio Leicester for most of the day and will be engaging members of the public about stigma and dsicrimination. The training was to help members to approach the public with confidence and engage them in short, hopefully productive, conversations.

We took along a series of short training videos. Thankfully, one of our newcomers had brought along a USB memory stick, so we were able to transfer the videos onto that and plug it into the pub's big fancy flat-screen TV. Far better than straining to hear the feeble sound from the Webmeister's laptop!